About Shelby



I empathize with how difficult and intimidating it can be to find a therapist whom you feel safe talking to, whether you’re new to therapy or not. We know, through research, that when clients and therapists connect and engage with each other, growth and learning can occur. That is why as your therapist, my goal is to create a safe, and non-judgmental atmosphere for you to share your experiences and explore your thoughts, emotions, and feelings, a privilege I do not take lightly.

My approach to therapy is influenced by the psychodynamic orientation, which emphasizes identifying the psychological origin of your presenting concerns and how this might be impacting you today. I also incorporate strength-based, mindfulness-based, and cognitive therapy approaches as well.

Should you decide to work with me, together we will work collaboratively to create a unique plan that suits you and your mental wellness journey. We would identify ways to assist you in learning how to process and cope with what brings you to therapy. I look forward to hearing from you!

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