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Marisa Ottens

Marisa Ottens is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who believes that to work with clients is to provide people with a space to navigate the (often overwhelming) circumstances, feelings and thoughts that have led to this moment.

I believe that the journey of life is like climbing a mountain, and my role is to climb alongside you in this journey of life. For some, that involves me climbing alongside you for most of the climb, and for others it may mean that I am there for a brief moment of the journey. I feel honoured that I am provided the opportunity to participate in this climb with you, to rejoice at the successes and help find new paths when we (inevitably) stumble. Though I cannot make the climb for you, I hope that we can learn to navigate your mountain together as a team.

With a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and experience working with people from many walks of life, I believe in practicing from a Person Centred, strengths based approach that emphasizes the individuality of each person’s therapeutic journey. Utilizing tools from CBT, SFT and mindfulness approaches, I believe in creating a foundation of safety and self-care so you can feel comfortable and assured to navigate to more turbulent areas of your sense of self and how to navigate through this world. I look forward to helping you climb your mountain. If you are interested in receiving support, contact me at marisa@upstreamcounselling.com