About Ashley

Ashley at Upstream Counselling

Life can get challenging. If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, stuck, or uncertain, you are not alone. I am here to offer connection and support as you embark on your journey towards healing and growth.

I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma and addiction. Whether you’re struggling with body image, self-esteem, academic stress, issues related to LGBTQIA2S+ identities, or maybe facing challenges related to immigration or minority stress, I provide a safe space for healing and exploration.

I use a culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and evidence-based approach to find what works best for your unique needs and preferences. Together we’ll dive into the process of overcoming pain, embracing self-discovery, and unlocking your true potential.

Life is too short not to live as your best self. Take your next step toward a brighter future by booking a free 15-minute consultation. Let’s get you started on your path to healing.

Contact Ashley: ashley@upstreamcounselling.com